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PHIL_109-6: First Year Seminar: Rethinking Democracy after Globalization (Lafont): Articles

Philosophy 109 Cristina Lafont

General / Multi-subject Databases

The databases on this page will help you identify scholarly, popular, and news articles, as well as other research, on topics for this class.

Finding the full text of an article

If the article citations you find do not include full text, click on the Find it @ NU link, which searches across many other databases to find electronic full text of the article, if it exists in the NU Library electronic environment. If we don't have access to that article, Find it @ NU will also provide a link to Interlibrary Loan, where you can order a copy.   If Interlibrary Loan finds that we own a print copy of the journal, they will send you an electronic copy of the article.   If we don't own that particular journal, they will need to get a copy from another library, which will take longer.

If you find a particular article cited in a book or in another article, or in one of the special encyclopedias listed in this guide, it is best to proceed to NUsearch and do a journal title search. The journal title search can be found by clicking on "Books, Images, and More" and going to the advanced search.  NUsearch will lead you to both electronic and paper copies of the journal owned by Northwestern.   If we only own a paper copy, it is usually possible to request an article scan of that particular article.

 If we don't have a particular journal at all, or don't own the issue that your article is in, it is possible to request the article through Interlibrary Loan.  Keep in mind, however, that getting the article form another library may take several days.


To find these and other databases to which Northwestern University Library subscribes, you can also go to the library homepage and choose Databases A to Z.

Subject-Specific Databases

Reference Librarian and Subject Specialist

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