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Legal Studies: Finding Articles

Accessing Full Text

Some article databases provide full text while most only provide references to articles.

Look out for the purple "Find it @ NU" button Find it at NUL among your database search results.

Click on the button to see if Northwestern provides full text access to the article via one of our electronic journal packages.

Article Databases

The following mulit-subject databases cover a wide variety of subjects and are a good place to start looking for discussions of legal topics with a less technical tone.

These specialized databases focus on more specific subject areas. They are good for finding treatment of legal topics within the context of a particular academic discipline and provide articles with lots of background information.

Law journals and law reviews are typically the best place to start your legal research. As secondary sources, law journal articles discuss the substantive legal issues and provide references to primary law soucres.

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NUsearch - Articles

NUsearch iconNUsearch is the library's tool for finding books, journals, videos, images, and so much more (both physical and electronic) in our collection.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar brings together a tremendous amount of scholarly literature on a wide range of subjects. This can be a good alternative to more traditional databases.