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Map & Atlas Collections: Remote Sensing


Our collection does not include an emphasis on aerial photographs.  We can hep you find them somewhere else!

Finding free & good qualilty aerial photographs of world countries is not easy. Your best bets are Google Maps, Google Earth, & BingMaps


United States

Four main sources of aerial photographs are:

  • US Geological Survey (for mapping & planning - sometimes in cooperation with local governments)
  • US Dept of Agriculture (to monitor agricultural crop growth)
  • Local planning offices & private airphoto companies (i.e. companies that fly airplanes to take photos for local governments)
  • Academic universities and institutions (they archive local collections)

Local Government Websites - To find high resolution airphotos, check state & local government websites first.

Historic Aerials  - Online historic aerial photos for purchase.

USDA Geospatial Data Gateway  - USDA's official geographic data portal. Available airphotos include older USGS orthophotos (DOQs) & recent USDA NAIP imagery (crop monitoring airphotos).

The National Map - The best site to download high-resolution, mostly-recent aerial photographs in TIFF format. Zoom-in to the area of interest, and then select "download"able layers, select area, and then download.

USGS National Maps Viewer - Offers very similar to what NM Seamless Servers offers, but different interface. Images can be downloaded in various formats (TIFF, IMG, JPG, JPG2000). Consult this help page!