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Resources for Data Analysis: Stata

Recommended resources (online tutorials and books) for social science data analysis, complied by software packages and level of proficiency.

Why Stata?

Why Stata?

This command-based statistical packages offers a lot flexibility for data analysis by just altering a different command options or writing a do-file. Meanwhile, the program language keeps a simple structure, so easy to learn that the users can focus on the statistical modelling.

Where to Find Stata?

Stata is installed on every public PC in the library and computer lab (link to software lists), also available from SSCC.

NUworkspace offers users a Windows virtual desktop with a suite of software applications (including StataSE) for University work. Accounts are available upon request to eligible faculty, staff and students affiliated with Weinberg, Kellogg, IPR and School of Communication. Graduate students, undergraduate students and staff in those schools must have faculty approval for account requests.


Finding Data

Where to find the data for your analysis?

Make an Appointment

Set up an appointment to meet with Social Science Data Services staff to discuss your research and learn about one, or more, of the following:

  • what data is available
  • data formatting for analysis
  • using software to analyze data
  • data visualizations


Online Tutorials

Video Tutorial

Recommended Books & Journals

Subject Guide

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