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Software for Data Analysis: Excel

Recommended resources (online tutorials and books) for social science data analysis, complied by software packages and level of proficiency.

Why Excel?

Why Excel?

Many concluded that Excel is a poor choice for statistical analysis beyond textbook examples, the simplest descriptive statistics, or for more than a very few columns. However, Excel is so easy-to-use for many basic data analysis, and is much more convenient for data entry and shape manipulating.

Where to Find Excel?

Excel is installed on every public PC in the library and computer lab (link to software lists).

Finding Data

Where to find the data for your analysis?

Make an Appointment

Set up an appointment to meet with Social Science Data Services staff to discuss your research and learn about one, or more, of the following:

  • what data is available
  • data formatting for analysis
  • using software to analyze data
  • data visualizations


Online Tutorials

The tutorials linked below are free to all.  See also for online tutorials on Excel, included in the section on Data Analysis & Training.

Recommended Books

Subject Guide

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