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Library Environmental Committee (LEC): Home

This LibGuide will help you find information on sustainability within the library and the campus.


The Library Environmental Committee was formed in 2009 to promote best practices for individual and institutional energy efficiency, savings, and sustainability through education and communication.

The members of the LEC have created this LibGuide in order to provide the Northwestern community with resources on environmental issues and information on how to be more sustainable.

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What sustainability project would you most like to see the LEC tackle?

More recycling receptacles: 1 votes (1.92%)
Local community outreach: 2 votes (3.85%)
Emphasize library sustainability resources: 40 votes (76.92%)
Form green partnerships with campus groups: 6 votes (11.54%)
Other: 3 votes (5.77%)
Total Votes: 52
Tallying of poll votes may be delayed up to 60 seconds.

Subject Guide

Tips on saving paper

Print less – save more:

-Print responsibly: Use "Print Preview" and print only what you need.

-"Print" (or save) to PDF using CutePDF or Adobe Acrobat Writer.

-Save to a flash drive or email documents to yourself.

-Print on both sides of the paper and use narrower margins.

    Other hints:

    Becoming a paperless office

    The paper-reduction diet