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Learn how to begin using the notation, sequencing, recording and scanning software the Music Lab offers.


Use these guides to access the tip sheets the Music Lab offers. Click on any tab running across the screen to lead you to a specific application or topic.

Tip sheets are presented as "To:" and "Do:" columns. After opening the guide, you may click on the Bookmarks icon then click on a specific task or scoll to find a specific task. Instructions for the selected task are displayed under the "Do:" column.

Most tip sheets are written to be cross-platform. However, when required, the "Do:" column may be preceded by specific instructions for the Mac or PC platform.

A complete list of currently available software in the Listening Center Lab appears below:

Music Library Lab Manager

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Jim Hobbs
Music Library Listening Center Lab

Deering Rm. 208

Phone: (847) 491-2885