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Energy: Books

Energy information sources for the Northwestern University community.

How to Locate Books by Subject

After you click on NU Search, follow these instructions to look for books by subject.

1) Click on 'browse search" next to the search bar.

2)  From the drop-down menu, select 'Subject.'

3) Enter any of the following subject terms in the search bar:

energy industries technological innovations
energy development
energy policy
energy consumption
energy industries
energy industries environmental aspects

energy conservation
energy development environmental aspects
clean energy investment
power resources environmental aspects
power resources economic aspects

biogas industry
biomass energy
biomass energy industries
biomass energy industries economic aspects

greenhouse gas mitigation
biomass energy
nuclear energy
coal mines and mining

electric utilities
gas industry
emissions trading
carbon taxes

renewable energy sources
renewable energy sources economic aspects
solar energy
wind power

ocean energy
ocean wave power
tidal power
hybrid power


Subject Specialist

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