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Radio/Television/Film: Film Archives & Descriptions

Research materials for the Radio/Television/Film Department.

Production Information


See also Production Information.

Planning a visit to another archive

  • Find out what’s available at NU (NUsearch, Special Collections)
  • Find out what’s available to you digitally through NU databases (R/TV/F libguide, ask Charlotte Cubbage)
  • Ascertain what library or institution holds what you need (WORLDCAT, ARCHIVEGRID, other resources listed on this page)
  • If no identifiable institution has what you need, what place might hold the materials you need (e.g., does a film studio have archives and will they allow visitors?)
  • If you’ve found a likely archive for your research be aware that materials may not be catalogued—be sure to ask for  local finding aids, and be prepared to search through files for letters, diaries, business papers etc.
  • CONTACT THE ARCHIVE BEFORE PLANNING YOUR VISIT!!!  You may be required to bring a supporting letter from your faculty, or particular types of ID to register.  Will you be allowed to bring in your camera, laptop etc.? Are the materials you need offsite, requiring time for delivery to the archive? Many institutions provide detailed instructions about accessing their collections on their websites, but it’s always best to contact the archive staff before you make firm plans.

Film & Video Collections Guide

Subject Guide

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