Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Getting Started

Logistics and supply chain management information resources for the Northwestern University community.

Key Resources

Contains business trade journals and magazines, coverage is international.  Tip:  Key resource for business news.  Click on the Industries tab and choose 'Transportation' to locate articles in logistics and transportation journals.

Contains research on emerging technologies.  Tip: enter the term supply chain management in the search bar to see reports.  Access restricted to Northwestern University faculty, students and staff.

S & P NetAdvantage
A rich source for industry-level information. Overviews of major industry groups in the U.S.  Includes industry trends, how the industry operates, key ratios and statistics.  Tip:  Key resource for industry information.  Click on the 'Industries' tab at the top of the screen and choose among the following categories:  airlines, transportation, distributors, highways and railtracks, marine ports and services, oil and gas transportation, railroads, trucking. 

Subject Specialist

Carol Doyle

Northwestern University

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