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International Business Information: Additional Databases and Websites

Resources in international business for the Northwestern University community.



Posts over 700 news stories daily in English and French and offers multi-lingual streaming programming.

Africa Business Source
Provides news, analysis, and tools for African business information.

Africa Business Information Services
Provides information on African economies.

African Development Bank Group
"To contribute to the sustainable economic development and social progress of its regional members, individually and jointly."

South African Government
Official site for the South African government. 

Department of Trade and Industry
Provides information on South African trade and industry and sections include investing, exporting, economic empowerment, enterprises, consumer protection, industries, gender and women empowerment and more.

National Treasury of South Africa
Official site for the National Treasury of the Republic of South Africa and includes national treasury information, budget infomration, communications and media, publications, legislation, divisions, and documents.

Nairobi Stock Exchange

Official site of the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Development Bank of Kenya


Asian Development Bank
Provides loans and grants to public and private sector organizations. Has country reports for all developing member countries.

APEC – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Provides economic and trade information for the 21 member countries.

Bureau of Statistics of China
Comprehensive monthly, quarterly, and yearly statistical data collected by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Also contains information on the country’s statistical standards, agency information, laws and regulations.

China Core Newspapers

China Data Online
Comprehensive online database focusing on economic statistics of China, arranged by regions and categories. Includes monthly and yearly reports on China's macroeconomic development, statistical data on China's population and economy at the provincial, county, and city level, and financial indicators of more than 568 industrial branches. Also includes statistical yearbooks, industrial and marketing surveys, and an atlas of China.


People’s Bank of China
Highlights monetary policies and other financial information.

Shanghai Stock Exchange
Contains SSE indices, market data, listed companies, brokers and historical quotes.

Bank of Japan
Japan's central bank, website has access to monetary policy and statistics.

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Has trading informaiton, real time and historical quotes, market statistics.


An association of more than 1200 European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Covers three main areas: European affairs, international affairs, and chamber affairs, with detailed information on topics such as regional policies, competitive markets, and lists of ongoing projects.

European Union portal site. Contains information about the governing body and member nations such as statistics, opinion polls, financial and advisory bodies, and links to institutions. Also contains information and news about current legislation.

European Central Bank
Sets and creates monetary policies for the European Union. Website contains information such as ECB interest rates, open market operations, and Euro foreign exchange reference rates. Also provides detailed statistics, policy information, and details on banknotes and coins.

European Investment Bank
The long-term lending bank of the European Union. Contains information on capital markets, detailed economic and financial reports compiled by the EIB, and information about current projects that are underway using EIB loans, venture capital, technical assistance, or guarantees.

Provides statistical information and reports for European Union member states and its partners. All statistical information and data is divided into nine themes: general and regional statistics; economy and finance; population and social conditions; industry, trade and services; agriculture and fisheries; external trade; transport; environment and energy; and science and technology.

Latin America

Banco Central do Brasil
Features information on financial and economic topics, such as inflation, exchange and foreign capital, monetary policies, and banknotes and coins. Also compiles publications and reports on a variety of themes such as the economy, states and municipalities, and financial systems.

 Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica
Provides statistical and census information for Brazil. Contains information in both English and Portuguese.

Annual survey of public opinion in Latin America.

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