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International Business Information: Business Environment

Resources in international business for the Northwestern University community.


Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) - Country Commerce  
Locate in-depth information on business operating conditions for 55 countries. Tip: Key resource for business envrionment overviews.

EIU - Country Finance
Features financial market conditions and regulations for 55 countries.

Global Corruption Report 
Published by Transparency International

The Index of Economic Freedom
Ranks economic freedom of countries based on several variables such as trade, property rights, monetary policy, foreign investment, banking and finance

In-depth analysis on global economic and political matters from a network of contributor scholars.

World Bank Doing Business
Maintained by the World Bank, this resource provides business regulation information for 178 countries and select cities. Detailed information on policies, regulations, and laws on different aspects of doing business in the select countries and cities.

World Competitiveness Online
Evaluates competitiveness of countries based on economic and policy information.  Contains 18 year time series data.

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