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International Business Information: Statistics

Resources in international business for the Northwestern University community.

Key Resources

Global Financial Stability Report
Published bi-annually by the International Monetary Fund, this resource provides assessment on market developments and issues for various countries, including emerging markets.

International Statistical Agencies
A portal linking to statistical agencies around the world.

International Trade Statistics
Published annually by the World Trade Organization, this website provides statistics on merchandise and commercial services, organized by country, region, and main product groups and services.

A central data source for country statistics from sources such as the CIA World Factbook, UN and OECD.  Can generate graphs and maps from data.

OECD iLibrary
Issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, this database contains statistics on finance, trade, education, health and more.

Aggregate of United Nations data from FAO, UNESCO, ILO, WHO, UNDP and more.

World Competitiveness Online
Evaluates competitiveness of countries based on economic and policy information.  Contains 18 year time series data.

World Development Indicators
Annually compiled by the World Bank, this report contains data about development for 152 economies based on more than 900 indicators.

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