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News Sources: Television and Radio News

Television and Radio News

In addition to newspaper content, the library has access to news transcripts and online vidoe footage from many news sources, both current and historical.


  • Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis Academic)
    Includes transcripts from ABC, Al-Jazeera, American Public Media, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, NPR, NBC, and many more.
    Dates covered: 1980 to present

Video Collections and Online Video Streaming

  • Vanderbilt television news archive
    Descriptive summaries of the Vanderbilt University collection of network television news programs and other news-related programming collected in its archive since August 5, 1968. Contains online access to select news stories including online viedo for NBC evening news broadcasts from 1968 to the present.
    Dates covered: 1968 - present
  • Video encyclopedia of the twentieth century
    Produced at Northwestern, this is a definitive collection of original film footage taken from over 2000 motion picture film and videotape clips recording the social, political and cultural history of the 20th century from 1893 to 1985. Collection browsable by subject and searchable by keyword, title, date, running length and catalog no.
    Dates covered: 1900 - 1999
  • CBC Archives
    Updated once a week this site contains over 10,000 audio and video newsclips in both French and English from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
    Dates covered: 1927 - present
  • Critical
    Large, privately held online archive of film footage and stills. This collection, freely availblle, provides access to thousands of US Government filsm as well as newsreels from the 1920s thorugh the 1970s.
    Dates covered:1920s - 1970s



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