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Music Research: Streaming Audio & Video

Learn how to look for music in our collection, find music articles, access streaming audio databases, answer music copyright questions and more!!!

About Streaming Audio

Off Campus Access

Off campus access is available for all the streaming audio databases. For best results, use a VPN (virtual private network) connection.  This makes off campus Internet traffic appear as if it is originating from on campus, and is a very secure, reliable connection. For instructions on how to set up VPN, go here:

Help with VPN Settings


Help with Naxos

If you are experiencing trouble logging in to Naxos, click on this technical specs sheet to make sure you have the right settings. Contact NUIT Support for more help:

Naxos Technical Specifications

847-491-HELP (4357)








World Music


MUST use VPN for off-campus access.

Historical Recordings


Subject Guide

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