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Music Research: Digital Scores

Learn how to look for music in our collection, find music articles, access streaming audio databases, answer music copyright questions and more!!!

Info about Digital Scores

There are many sources for digital scores, and they are categorized here in a few ways.

Library Collections - Digital score collections made available by libraries and archives. Freely available on the web, these are mostly digital versions of manuscripts and sheet music collections.

Web Resources - Scores made available by organizations not affiliated with a school, library or archives. Most of this is published music that is in the public domain (pre 1923).

Databases - Score collections as part of larger online "e resource" databases.

Music for Sale - Commercial vendors who sell individual songs for a low price. Included here as a last resort since you will have to buy it.

Library Collections


Web Resources

Music for Sale (last resort!!)

Remember, you have to buy music from these sites.

Subject Guide

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