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Theatre and Performance Studies: Plays & Monologues

Resources in theatre and drama for the Northwestern University Community

Scripts: Print editions

Northwestern owns thousands of scripts. Look them up by author/title in NUSearch.

Monologue books are also available.  Search NUseach: book tab, Advance Search, Subject: monologues.

Plays, scenes and books about playwriting that have come into the library in the past 2 years (may be new editions of old plays):

New plays and play editions

Monologues and Scenes

There are a number of books containing monologues.  Search for Monologues using NUsearch's Subject Browse .  We have a 4 volume set of scenes for actors:  The Ultimate Scene Study Series on 3 South in the library: 808.82.U47.

Full Text

Index to Plays

Guide to Play Publication

Subject Guide

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