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Africana Partnerships: Getting Started

Strategic International Partnerships for Africana Librarians

You can meet and solve 21st Century challenges for libraries and information professionals--like budget cuts, limited resources, rising expectations and pressures to operate efficiently--by collaborating both locally and internationally with the following organizations.

Africana LIbrarians Council

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Collaborate with Us

Join the Africana Librarians Council (ALC) to discuss cataloging, book donations, user services, and acquisitions of materials published in or about Africa.

The ALC is a network of more than fifty institutions collecting Africana materials worldwide. If you are a member of the African Studies Association and a librarian, archivist, or documentalist, the ALC welcomes you.

Resources and initiatives include:

ALA IRC Africa Subcommittee

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Share with Us

The American Library Association's IRC Africa Subcommittee provides opportunities for you to share information about your own library services, collections, and projects from throughout Africa.

Contact us for speaking opportunities at our annual panel. Past presenters include:

  • 2012 Dr. Buhle Mbambo-Thata, South Africa; Mr. Isaiah Munyoro, Zimbabwe
  • 2013 Dr. Yetunde Zaid & Mrs. Olubukola Olatise, Nigeria; Innocent Rugambwa, Uganda
  • 2014 Agnes J. Gozo, South Africa; Yetunde A. Zaid & Christopher Okiki, Nigeria; Barfi-Adomako Owusu, Ghana
  • 2015 J.C. Henning, South Africa; Barfi-Adomako Owusu & Judith Opoku-Boateng, Ghana

Resources and initiatives include:

ALC Presenters



Preserve with Us

Work with the Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP) as we build preservation and digitization capacity in order to preserve valuable research resources for use by scholars in North America and Africa.

Project examples:

  • Digitizing of colonial-era archives in the National Archives of Senegal
  • Preservation training for West African libraries in microfilming, digitization, and conservation of resources
  • Support for conservation, preservation, and digitization of the personal papers of Liberian president William V.S. Tubman
  • Support for microfilming of contemporary newspapers from Rwanda, Mozambique, and Cameroon

Resources and initiatives include:

  • African Studies Topic Guides: Information hub; see especially the "CRL Collections" tab.
  • AFRINUL: A centralized electronic database of holdings information for newspapers (all formats and all languages) published in sub-Saharan Africa. AFRINUL currently consolidates holdings information for collections in North America, and will expand to include holdings in Africa, Europe, and elsewhere.
  • CAMP/Title VI African Archives Cooperative Projects: CAMP works with institutions in Africa to build preservation and digitization capacity and to preserve valuable research resources for use by scholars in Africa, North America, and elsewhere.
  • Guides to Collections: Selected highlights of the CAMP collection. This does not represent the complete holdings of CAMP, but rather a representative description of some of the items in the collection. For access to all of CAMP's holdings, please search the CRL Catalog.

Liberian Presidential Files

The condition of presidential archives in post-war Liberia before CAMP archivists conserved, digitized, reorganized, and properly stored the collections.

Subject Guide

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